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Tarik Cohen stunned the 49ers — and probably a lot of Bears fans — with this 61-yard punt return for a touchdown Sunday at Soldier Field. Cohen caught the punt at the 40-yard line, retreated to the Bears’ 24-yard line before turning up-field, finding a seam and heading to the end zone to give the Bears a 14-6 lead with 5:49 left in the second quarter.

The board admonished Harrison for complaints of increased transit times, loaded and empty rail cars sitting "for days" at switching yards, and other delays that have caused customers to curtail production.

Located in Chicago, GREAT LAKES YARD is a reclaimed lumber and salvage business selling the highest quality heritage materials. All of our lumber has been sustainably harvested across the Great Lakes Region through deconstruction and demolition as an innovative model towards sustainable reuse.

As Uptown began to redevelop in the late-1990s, private development schemes were quickly contemplated on the former shop and yard site, a sizable piece of property. The Wilson Yard Redevelopment Task Force was established in 1997 to discuss the feasibility of the development of the yard site, for which a Tax Increment Financing (TIF) district was created circa 2001 to help spur and fund development on and around the property. A Request for Qualifications (RFQ) for the Purchase and Redevelopment of the site was issued in April 2002 and the City of Chicago designated a partnership between Chicago developers Holsten Real Estate Development Corp. and Kenard Corp. as developer for the Wilson Yard site in Fall 2002. 46th Ward Alderman Helen Shiller presided over a four year community planning process in which residents advocated for widely-diverging ideas of what the former yard site should be used for. Ultimately, Holsten developed a mixed-use development project for the site, including a "big box" store, a cinema, affordable and senior housing, a new Aldi store, ground-floor retail, and offices on upper floors.

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