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In this step,ill try to explain the working of our E DRUM (or KIDU as i call
it) as simple as just briefly talk about the steps for
making each subsystem.,and then ill detail them in the following steps.

  Since we are working on an electronic drum.,the mechanical impulses(playin
the drum).,needs to be coverted to electric task is done by the piezo discs.
Each of the drums that we are make will contain 1 such piezo sensor.
When ever a mechanical pressure is applied on the disks.,an electric signal
whose magnitude is proportional to the pressure is produced.

This signal is sent to the Arduinos analog pins(via pulldown resistors.,which i wil explain later)
.Since there are only 6 anaog pins on an UNO.,the no of drums and cymbals used wil be restricted to 6.
We use digital pins to trigger the base kick and the choke.
The arduino is also linked to the SD Card shield.,with the SPI pins.
(ie pins 13 to 10).

Now the you might already know.,the arduino's analog pins.,convert their
analog inputs to a value between 0 and program it such that if this
value exeeds a particular thrush hold value.,then fetch the corresponding
audio file from the sd card and play it through a PWM enabled is
much easier said than are some hurdles that we need to cross
if we need to play an audio file from the SD card directly with out any
audio decoder.(about which ill explain in detail later.)
Another advantage of KIDU is that it does not require any control buttons.
i have programmed it such that the drums themselves can be used to
select the drumming style.

Mind Over MIDI - Ambient SelectionMind Over MIDI - Ambient SelectionMind Over MIDI - Ambient SelectionMind Over MIDI - Ambient Selection