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Enjoy holidays packed with diverse activities - there are countless reasons for visiting the Mayrhofen-Hippach holiday region as there is so much to see, enjoy and experience.

British stage performances by yodelers were common in the nineteenth century. [10] Sir Walter Scott wrote in his June 4, 1830, journal entry that "Anne wants me to go hear the Tyrolese Minstrels but...I cannot but think their yodeling...is a variation upon the tones of a jackass ." [11]

While the cold holds Austria hostage and everyone has a runny nose, ice bath enthusiasts celebrate their peak season. "The Iceman", …

Surfing in powder has got to be one of the very best feelings in winter! With over 300 kilometres of freeride terrain, the freeride paradise around Mayrhofen-Hippach in Tirol is one of the most expansive in the entire Alps.

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Zillertal Buam - So A NachtZillertal Buam - So A NachtZillertal Buam - So A NachtZillertal Buam - So A Nacht