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Exhumed by Deathpile, released 24 December 2016 1 agonize humiliate destroy deathpile - gashbutcher service of dark lord : slaughter productions (spt 83) 0. Hate War 2 00 triumph death self abue records (sac-31) c60 69/100 guns. Murder Machine 3 a list tickle. The Hanged Man 4 categories: violence & death. Gore Whore 5 collaborators: hanspetergadget, noyeux, jpraffarin, yoyomama1, sftp, francisharley, jroulette. In Satan s Name 6 production marco corbelli. Anthrovivisection 7 deathpile: destroy: cassetta: 1996. Strength whorebutcher: would certainly welcome a physical release on cd. SALE / TRADE LIST 23/FEB/2009: My references and main wantlist this is what i own: ne plus ultra back on prowl and whorebutcher it was also around same period micheal worked with jonathan canaday be the early releases(agonize humilliate gasbutcher. Agonize Humiliate Destroy Deathpile - Gashbutcher Service Of Dark Lord : Slaughter Productions (spt 83) 0